Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Head Board Hunt

I've been searching for the perfect head board that will act as a beautiful focal point in my bedroom.  For months I sifted through the various options and always knew that I would end up choosing something upholstered.  I wanted something comfy and sturdy to sit up against while I read before bed and frankly, I think my boyfriend's shoulder was getting a little of me leaning on him.  But which one was I to choose and just how much was I willing to shell out for the perfect piece?  (Not much if you know me) 

I considered making one like this, that Centsational Girl did so beautifully for her master bedroom, but do I really have the time for all that?  Probably not, but her blog post did get me thinking about how much I love nail head trim..


And as I explored the nail head options, I realized that most of the nails were brass, some had the tendency to rust, and truthfully I'm just more of a silver gal when it comes to decor.  So I think nail heads were nixed.

 Ehh.. But the plain head boards were boring, and the patterned ones just weren't cutting it.. Alas, the tufted head board


There are just so many options out there and I was beginning to worry that I'd never find the right head board.  However, today I finally made the purchase.  Which style you ask?  Well, you'll have to wait and see, because so do I!  It won't be delivered for a month!  Oh well, I've already gone this long right?

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