Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hamptons of the Chesapeake - Fashion Spread

It took me a day or so, but I finally opened up the latest issue of Capitol File that landed on my doorstep the other day.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Capitol File, it's a fairly new magazine based out of Washington DC which highlights all the happenings, hotspots, fashion, and people from and visiting the District. 

I'm not a huge follower of the magazine, its usually just something to flip through while I sip on my morning coffee, but I think that's about to change.  When I turned to a fashion spread shot at the Inn at Perry Cabin, I just about fell in love with the location and every outfit.  The Inn at Perry Cabin is located in St. Michaels, Maryland just across the Bay Bridge and is about 2 hours from the heart of DC.  While the location is stunning, I was really all about the clothes modeled on the beautiful landscape.  Every piece, every outfit, is totally something that I would love to have in my closet.  Check it out!

More details about the location and outfits can be found on the Capitol File Website here

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Head Board Hunt

I've been searching for the perfect head board that will act as a beautiful focal point in my bedroom.  For months I sifted through the various options and always knew that I would end up choosing something upholstered.  I wanted something comfy and sturdy to sit up against while I read before bed and frankly, I think my boyfriend's shoulder was getting a little of me leaning on him.  But which one was I to choose and just how much was I willing to shell out for the perfect piece?  (Not much if you know me) 

I considered making one like this, that Centsational Girl did so beautifully for her master bedroom, but do I really have the time for all that?  Probably not, but her blog post did get me thinking about how much I love nail head trim..


And as I explored the nail head options, I realized that most of the nails were brass, some had the tendency to rust, and truthfully I'm just more of a silver gal when it comes to decor.  So I think nail heads were nixed.

 Ehh.. But the plain head boards were boring, and the patterned ones just weren't cutting it.. Alas, the tufted head board


There are just so many options out there and I was beginning to worry that I'd never find the right head board.  However, today I finally made the purchase.  Which style you ask?  Well, you'll have to wait and see, because so do I!  It won't be delivered for a month!  Oh well, I've already gone this long right?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

It was a very busy weekend for me, but I loved every minute of it.  Saturday started with a Costco trip, but we had to keep it short because we had a birthday party to attend at Noon.  I don't know about you, but I love a good Costco shopping trip and could spend hours browsing the aisles.

Aubs spent a few good hours at the party splashing around in a water table, but still refused to actually get in the pool.  One bonus that came out of attending the party (besides the amazing Carolina BBQ) was getting the baby over her fear of dogs.. I just hope it lasts.

While I didn't manage to give myself a manicure on Friday evening, I was able to squeeze it in after the party while the baby and daddy napped.  I even got to indulge in some "girly TV time" which almost never happens.  Once the nails dried, I whipped up my boo's favorite dinner:

Baby Scallops in a White Wine Cream Sauce over Linguini. 

As if Saturday's dinner wasn't delicious enough, we fasted through breakfast so we could eat our fill during a Father's Day lunch at Fogo De Chao in the city.  If you've never been to Fogo, or any Brazilian Barbeque restaurant, I urge you to go.  Nothing better than the finest all-you-can eat meats, salad bar, fried polenta, and these amazing little cheesy bread poufs!

Of course the best part of Sunday was celebrating my super amazing boyfriend's very first Father's Day.  He even humored me by agreeing to wear matching T's with Aubs.  I love it, don't you?!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Nail Colors and Friday Nights

During the summer I tend to stock up on oodles of bright and fun nail polishes to keep my fingers and toes looking festive.  It's become somewhat of a tradition that I spend my Friday evenings with a glass of wine, and a couple cute colors, while I try to give myself the best mani/pedi session I can manage.  I'm pretty rough on my hands, so no manicure goes too long without chips or smudges... see what I mean?

But it certainly doesn't keep me from trying!  If I really had the time to do my manicures properly, I would follow the detailed tutorial from Kate @ Running on Happiness, which you can read here.  Unfortunately most of the time I can't follow all the steps and try to make up for it, by using a really good base coat (butter LONDON Nail Foundation) and top coat (Essie "no chips ahead").

A few of my recent polish purchases include the following:

Any polish colors that you're in love with or dying to try out this summer?  Any tips or tricks that you have to making your manicure last longer?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ready, Set, Run!

I grew up with running as a method of exercise along with various other sports.  It was always sort of a family thing where my parents, brother and I would all go out for jogs on summer evenings.  While I haven't run competitively since high school cross-country, I'm begun to find an interest in running local 5k's and hope to soon push for 10k's and maybe even a half-marathon.

In a week and a half, I'll be running my first 5k since giving birth to my daughter and oddly enough, the race is actually the morning of her 1st Birthday!  I must admit I'm pretty excited and proud of myself for coming so far in the past few months.  It was definitely a struggle getting back into shape, and there were some key items that really made everything easier.  This got me thinking about the advice that I've given to several people who are starting out jogging for the first time or getting back into it after a long break.

These are some of the products that make or break my ability to run regularly as well as a few tips to keep you going.

1. The Shoe

Any avid runner will tell you that a good, quality running shoe is essential.  My advice: Go get fitted!  Without the proper shoe, your running adventures will be halted before they ever truly begin.  Find a local running store with professionals who will fit you and find the proper shoe for your foot type, running style, and concerns.  If you're not near a store, some online stores like Road Runner Sports have shoe finders that ask you questions to develop a shoe profile and help you find the perfect fit.  They also allow a 60-90 day test run of your shoes to ensure you're fully satisfied with your purchase.  Can't beat that!

2. Suit Up

For years I struggled with being comfortable during running.  Socks would slip, shorts would ride, bras would suffocate me.  It was only after I invested in some real running gear that I realized I had been suffering for no reason.  You don't have to splurge on expensive running clothes either (though I do recommend shelling out a little more $$ for a good bra if you're a bustier girl).  Stores like Target are coming out with some cute and affordable running wear!  Here are a few pieces of my running wardrobe I can't live without:

C9 by Champion Tank
VS Sports Bras with adjustable back
Athleta Presto Running Short

3. Prepare Yourself

I tend to have a pretty regular running regiment and there are rarely any impromptu runs during my work week.  That said, I plan most of my runs to occur before dinner time once the temperature has gone down a bit.  I try to get in a good snack about 2 hours before I run that will keep me energized.  This usually includes some peanut butter crackers, roasted almonds, a banana, or some dried fruit.  I also try to keep hydrated through out the day by drinking water and keeping track of how much I drink on a sticky note.  Being well prepared for a run can make all the difference in your ability to run 2 miles or 4 miles.

4. Turn it UP!

Music definitely makes running more fun for me and its pretty much the only time I get the chance to enjoy it.  Create a good running mix or download your favorite stations on a radio app to keep yourself motivated.  You'll be humming along to the music and be half way done before you know it!