Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Nail Colors and Friday Nights

During the summer I tend to stock up on oodles of bright and fun nail polishes to keep my fingers and toes looking festive.  It's become somewhat of a tradition that I spend my Friday evenings with a glass of wine, and a couple cute colors, while I try to give myself the best mani/pedi session I can manage.  I'm pretty rough on my hands, so no manicure goes too long without chips or smudges... see what I mean?

But it certainly doesn't keep me from trying!  If I really had the time to do my manicures properly, I would follow the detailed tutorial from Kate @ Running on Happiness, which you can read here.  Unfortunately most of the time I can't follow all the steps and try to make up for it, by using a really good base coat (butter LONDON Nail Foundation) and top coat (Essie "no chips ahead").

A few of my recent polish purchases include the following:

Any polish colors that you're in love with or dying to try out this summer?  Any tips or tricks that you have to making your manicure last longer?

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